Muscle Builder, July 1974

Table of Contents

Editorial - Open Up The Big "O"Franco Columbu7
Natuilus Machines - A Critical Analysis - part 4Joe Weider8
Sculpture-Hammering for Deltoid DensityBob Birdsong12
I Am Joe's DeltoidArmand Tanny16
How Bill Grant Gained 82 Pounds of Solid MuscleJoe Weider19
GossipGene Mozee23
Incredible Lou Ferrigno Beats Them All!George Kaye24
Why Loui Ferrigno Switched to IFBBLou Ferrigno, George Kaye32
Arnold's Mind-Blowing Calves - part 2Joe Weider36
New American Sports FederationBen Weider40
Sound Off Here!41
Chemical Bodybuilding - Boon or Bummer?Gene Mozee42
Breakfast - Fuse for Bodybuilder's Bomb!Ken Waller44
World P-L ChampionshipsDaniel DeWelt49
World-Wide W-L ReviewOscar State53
Hassle in Havana55
Solving Your Training ProblemsFranco Columbu86
IFBB Coming Events For 197487
Ask The ChampArnold Schwarzenegger88

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