Muscle Builder, January 1975

Table of Contents

Editorial - Fight To Hold The Line With Muscle Builder7
Nautilus Machiens - A Critical Analysis - conclusionJoe Weider8
Bob Birdsong's Zappy Leg RoutineGene Mozee12
The Cheating Principle RevisitedArmand Tanny16
How Arnold Uses CheatingJoe Weider17
Meet Belgium's Pierre Van Den SteenArnold Schwarzenegger19
Gossip From The Mr International ContestDick Tyler23
The 1974 Mr International and Mr Western America ReportGeorge Kaye24
My Whack-The-Back Program For Instant GrowthFranco Columbu30
Add 10% More Power To Your Bench PressTom Holbrook36
"I'm Training To Stay Ahead Of Him"Arnold Schwarzenegger38
Letters To LarryLarry Scott41
1974 European Lifting ChampionshipsBob Berry42
World Wide Weightlifting ReviewOscar State44
Sound Off Here49
Bombing Arnold's Forearms With The Double-SplitJoe Weider50
President Ben Weider's Report To The 1974 IFBB CongressBen Weider86
Ask The ChampArnold Schwarzenegger88

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