Muscle Builder, May 1975

Table of Contents

Editorial - The Magazine With Your PersonalityJoe Weider7
Roger Callard: Bodybuilding's New StarJoe Weider8
Unit Training For DeltoidsFrank Zane12
Vince Gironda Talks About BodybuildingArmand Tanny16
Arnold The Man and His DreamsArmand Tanny19
Calves! Show Them No MercyBob Birdsong, Gene Mozee23
Sound Off Here27
1974 World Bodybuiding Championships - IFBB Congress And "Mr. Universe" ReportOscar State28
World Weightlifting ChampionshipsOscar State34
Building And Splitting The Biceps PeakArnold Schwarzenegger, Joe Weider40
World Powerlifting ChampionshiposLes Cramer44
IFBB Coming Events49
Lou Ferrigno Prefers Weider MethodsJulian Blommaert50
A Rapid MASS Transit ProgramKen Waller52
Letters To LarryLarry Scott84
Solving Your Training ProblemsFranco Columbu86
Ask The ChampArnold Schwarzenegger88

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