Muscle Builder, June 1975

Table of Contents

Editorial - Human Ecology Means You!Ben Weider7
ARNOLD - His Life And Good TimesArmand Tanny8
Triceps - The Forgotten MuscleKen Waller12
Let's Make Bodybuilding A More Competitive SportJoe Weider16
Tell The Truth, Sergio!Ben Weider19
Bob Birdsong's Pilgrimage To Mr America20
Hotline To A Summer Shape Up ProgramGene Mozee24
Vince Gironda Talks About Bodybuilding - part 2Armand Tanny28
The Size, Splits and Striations of Arnold's PecsJoe Weider30
Lou Ferrigno's "Defo-Thru-Diet--Only" planGeorge Kaye36
Zane On DefinitionFrank Zane38
The "Top Ten" Performances and RankingsLes Cramer40
5th International IFBB Congress - 24 pages - 80 Photos!43
A Message Of Importance For Power and Olympic Lifters69
The Magic Of ForearmsLarry Scott70
Solving Your Training ProblemsFranco Columbu102
Ask The ChampsArnold Schwarzenegger104

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