Muscle Builder, September 1975

Table of Contents

Editorial - A Bodybuilder's Design For LivingFrank Zane7
Bill Pearl On Contest TrainingArmand Tanny8
Denny Gable's 19 1/2" Arm RoutineArmand Tanny12
Steve Reeves: A Satellite in Permanent OrbitJoe Weider16
I Am Joe's BackJoe Weider19
Paul Grant's Muscle Density Back ProgramGene Mozee20
Mr. Olympia's Off Seson Training SecretsArnold Schwarzenegger, Joe Weider24
What Joe Weider Has Done For BodybuildingVince Gironda26
How Pierre van den Steen Trains, part 2Arnold Schwarzenegger28
Franco Columbu's Travels and ExhibitionsArmand Tanny31
Bob Birdsong's Muscle Cramping SecretsBob Birdsong36
Gossip: The Inside Scoop From Behind The ScenesGene Mozee36
World Wide IFBB News and Contest Results41
World Wide Weightlifting ReviewOscar State78
Letters To LarryLarry Scott108
Solving Your Training ProblemsFranco Columbu110
Ask The ChampArnold Schwarzenegger112

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