Muscle Builder, February 1976

Table of Contents

Editorial - 1976 - A Big Year In BodybuildingBen Weider7
Danny Padilla - The "Giant Killer"Joe Weider8
Robin Robinson's Giant Set Biceps ProgramJoe Weider14
How Dale Adrian Developed His LegsGene Mozee19
The Super Bodybuilder in the Age of DiscoveryJoe Weider22
The Genesis of Giant SetsArmand Tanny26
How Paul Grant Builds Muscular MassGene Mozee26
Nutrition & Steroids in BodybiuldingMichael Walczak30
Sound Off Here!32
Flash Report: Mr Universe And Mr Olympia Results33
Arnold Looks At RowingArnold Schwarzenegger36
Speaking Out: The Bodybuilder vs the BuckFranco Columbu40
AABA Mr USA - IFBB Mr World ContestGene Mozee43
Politics and SportsBen Weider61
1975 National Powerlifting ChampionshipsBob Berry62
IFBB News and Notes - Life Suspsension81
Letters To LarryLarry Scott92
Solving Your Training ProblemsFranco Columbu94
Ask The ChampArnold Schwarzenegger96

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