Muscle Builder, November 1976

Table of Contents

Ken Waller's Struggle For PerfectionJoe Weider4
Editorial - Our New Image - Are You Ready For It?Joe Weider6
How To Look Your Muscular Best At Contest Time!Arnold Schwarzenegger11
Training Partners - Bombing The Back - part 4George Mozee17
What I Did With My Skinny Body To Win AAU Mr AmericaKal Szkalak, Bill Reynolds20
Some New Stars Make The Scene In Mr California ContestBill Reynolds24
What Burns Bodybuilders Up!Joe Weider26
What's Wrong With Serge Nubret?Joe Weider, Rick Wayne30
From Neck To CalvesBill Pearl36
Why Bodybuilding Continues To Grow and GrowBen Weider41
IFBB News42
1976 Mr America AAU ReportBob Berry64
The Heat Is On!Jack Neary66
The SuperstarsRick Wayne68
Bodybuilding Legends - Eugen SandowLeo Gaudreau79
Great Instructions - Larry Tells It Like It IsLarry Scott94
Solving Your Training ProblemsFranco Columbu100
Ask The ChampArnold Schwarzenegger108

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