Muscle Builder, December 1976

Table of Contents

Editorial - The Mexican Bodybuilders - The New MatadorsBen Weider5
In Two Years Kal Szkalak Will Reach The TopJack Neary7
There's More To Trophies Than Gilt!Jim Smith12
Exploring The Steroid EnigmaDr C Ameduri15
Here's How I Made 20" Arms A RealityKen Waller16
Winning With ArnoldRick Wayne20
ViewpointBill Grant24
My Hunger For A Quality PerformanceEd Corney27
The Superior WaistlineRobby Robinson35
Rapping With Dan PadillaTom Mannarino38
The Mr International 1976Jack Neary41
The 1976 Mr Olympia ContestArmand Tanny44
Bodybuilding Is The Fastest Growing Sport TodayBen Weider53
IFBB Notes54
Rick Wayne, The Man Who Did The ImpossibleSteve Stefano, Carrol Miller78
The 5-Minute Body Shper For A Competition WaistlineFranco Columbu80
Becoming A SuperstartBill Pearl82
Great Instructions: Larry Scott Tells It LIke It IsLarry Scott116
Solving Your Training ProblemsFranco Columbu120
Ask The ChampArnold Schwarzenegger124

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