Muscular Development, Volume 1 Number 11

Table of Contents

Editorial - Olympic YearJohn C Grimek5
Hercules HintsTony Chikes6
Mail From Muscledom6
How Steve Reeves TrainedJohn C Grimek8
Power LiftingJohn Terlazzo12
Simplified Weight Training For BeginnersSamuel Homola14
How To Gain Muscular WeightBob Hoffman18
Squatting For PowerPaul Anderson20
Bodybuilding HintsGord Venables, Gilbert III24
Ramblin' Thru Muscledom26
Cables - The Portable Muscle Builder30
Coverman - Lyle FoxEarle E Liederman32
For That Slim Muscular WaistlineJules Bacon36
Champions Of Fast Weight GainingSteve Stanko38
Young Strength StarsGord Venables40
The Posing Platform - The Lat Spread PoseJohn C Grimek41
Muscles In The Movies - Richard EganCharles Jenkins Jr45
Your Training Queries AnsweredJohn C Grimek66

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