Muscular Development, Volume 1 Number 12

Table of Contents

Editorial - Our Big Plans AheadJohn C Grimek5
Mail From Muscledom7
Power LiftingJohn Terlazzo8
Foods That Build MuscleBob Hoffman12
How Important Are Measurements To The Bodybuilder?John C Grimek14
A Complete Arm Developing ProgramTom Sansone16
Dallas Long, World Champion Shot-Putter - His Training ProgramBill Pearl20
Tom Helms, Mr Delaware - Outstanding BodybuilderBob Bendel24
The Mr United States ContestJerry Whitely28
Ponderous DeltoidsVern Weaver30
Ramblin' Thru Muscledom32
Calves Can Be Developed!Gord Venables36
Bodybuilding HintsGord Venables, Gilbert III38
The Posing Platform - Inconsiderate Shutterbugs!John C Grimek41
Your Training Queries AnsweredJohn C Grimek66

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