Muscular Development, Volume 7 Number 6

Table of Contents

Editorial - Prevention Is Better Than A Cure!5
Mail From Muscledom6
Computer Method Of The Future - Body Programming For Maximum AchievementTomas Fulton8
PowerliftingJohn Terlazzo12
Explaining The Exercise - Various Forms Of Rowing ExercisesJohn C Grimek13
Bodybuilding HintsGord Venables14
Interesting Facts About NutritionBob Hoffman15
The Greatest Feats Of Strength I've SeenBob Hoffman16
It's Fun To HandbalanceGlenn Broeck18
Reflections On Modern TrainingSiegmund Klein20
Ken Waller - Mr America ContenderThomas Seward22
Where Does Energol Get Its Energy?Bob Hoffman24
Poison Or Power Food?Dr Frederick Tilney26
Ramblin' Thru MuscledomGord Venables28
HeliotheraphyBob Hoffman32
My Shaping-Up RoutineCliff Swan34
Coverman - Chris Dickerson36
The Ideal WorkoutArthur Jones40
Proportions - The Key To A Symmetrical PhysiqueCarl Ripoli42
The Posing Platform - Muscularity vs Body BulkJohn C Grimek44
Muscles In The Movies - Stephen BoydCharles Jenkins Jr53
Your Training Problems AnsweredJohn C Grimek70

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