Muscular Development, Volume 7 Number 12

Table of Contents

Editorial - MD - It's Your Magazine!5
Mail From Muscledom6
Mr World Physique ContestJohn C Grimek8
1970 Senior Powerlifting ChampionshipsBob Hoffman10
Bodybuilding HintsGord Venables14
Interesting Facts About NutritionBob Hoffman14
Gil Hansen - Muscle Man Of KarateKevin Parson16
Explaining The Exercise - The Side BendJohn C Grimek19
One Of The World's Problems - Nutritional AnemiaDonald M Ours20
Jim Morris - Mr CaliforniaRamon Garcia22
Teen-Age Advice - Making The Most Of BodybiuldingPhil Chasman, Dana Bacon24
Don't Forget Your Heart MuscleSamuel Homola26
Movie Actor - Jorge RiveroAl Antuck29
Ramblin' Thru MuscledomGord Venables30
Ed Corney - Physique CHampionDave Sauer34
Coverman - Ed CorneyDave Sauer36
Gaining Weight Can Be EasyBob Hoffman40
Home vs Gym TrainingBradley J Steiner42
The Posing Platform - Muscles Will Last A Lifetiem, When Correctly DevelopedJohn C Grimek44
1970 Mr United States Winners47
Muscles In The Movies - Roger MooreCharles Jenkins Jr53
Hercules HintsTony Chikes58
Your Training Problems AnsweredJohn C Grimek70

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