Muscular Development, Volume 12 Number 3

Table of Contents

Outstanding Physique - John Jardine3
Editorial - Prognostications Of The Health Nuts5
Mail From Muscledom6
PowerlifitngJohn Terlazzo10
From The I.P.F. FilesBob Hoffman13
Milk - The Super BodybuilderRonald Fodor14
Coffee - Are You Overdoing It?Joseph A Zodl15
Air Force PowerKen Stumpf17
Bodybuilding HintsGord Venables18
How To Live StrongerGord Venables18
Highlights Of The World's ChampionshipsTerry Todd20
3 Times World's Champion Ron CollinsVic Mercer23
Lecitol - The Natural Soybean LecithinBob Hoffman24
Making All 9 Attempts CountRobert Coltrane26
P.S.U. Barbell TeamAdam Leos27
Ramblin' Thru MuscledomGord Venables28
Mr Back - Willie JohnsonDan Hessler31
Facts Of Nutritional InterestsBob Hoffman33
Iron Man Dave McCannDon Ross34
Coverman - Scott Wilson, Mr CaliforniaRoger Metz36
Building Your Own HorseshoesRon Thompson40
The Arm BendersGord Venables43
The Posing Platform - Muscles On DisplayJohn C Grimek44
Exercise Of The Month - Clean and PressJohn C Grimek47
Your Training Problems AnsweredJohn C Grimek74

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