Muscular Development, Volume 16 Number 5

Table of Contents

Outstanding Physique - Chet Yorton3
Editorial - The Way It Was, But Now, Whatta Change!5
Mail From Muscledom6
Women's National Power ChampionshipsAl Thomas8
1979 Junior Mr America ContestDave Sauer12
Bodybuilding Hints14
Facts About NutritionBob Hoffman15
Hercules' HintsTony Chikes15
Behind Every Curve Is A MuscleNick Paladin16
Franco Columbu, One Of Bodybuilding's StrongestJoe Curreri18
Protein Utilization And Amino AcidsBob Hoffman21
John Kuc - His Power Is Yet UntappedDenis A Ference22
Extrasystoles, The Athlete's Normal AbnormalityBruce Page23
John Howie - All-Round BodybuilderRonny J Barnes24
Exercise Of The Month - The CalvesJay Carroll26
Ramblin' Thru MuscledomStanley Warren28
1979 Collegiate Mr America Ron BlackmonAndy Solomon31
Assistance Exercises In Proper PerspectivePaul Anderson32
Pre-Exhaustion TrainingBrooks D Kubik34
Coverman - Dave MastorakisFranklin Page36
Centerspread - Dave Mastorakis38
Physique Contest Reports40
Thick, Powerful DeltoidsBob Hoffman42
Chip McCain - 1979 Collegiate Powerlifting ChampBrian Muffey44
Weight Training and My Search For HealthRobert Drye45
Posing Platform - Women On Posing PedestalsDoris Barrilleaux46
Coming Events51
Training ProblemsJohn C Grimek74

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