Muscle Power, Volume 18 Number 11

Table of Contents

EditorialEarle E Liederman3
What The Champs Are Saying5
You Ask, We Answer7
He Gained 103 Pounds of Solid MuscleEarle E Liederman9
Building A Rugged Shoulder SpreadClarence Ross13
We Need a Commisoner To Clean Up BodybuildingLeo Stern17
Not Even Polio Could Stop Babe Stansbury19
Having Trouble Making Your Muscles Grow?Earle E Liederman21
Let's GossipEarle E Liederman23
How I Built My 50 Inch Chest - Dominick JulianoCharles A Smith25
The 1955 Mr. Muscle Beach Contest27
Who Is America's Best Built Man?29
I Gained 57 Pounds of MuscleRicki Hetzel30
World Wide Weightlifting ReviewOscar State31
Bakir Farkhutdinov, Bantamweight StarV Pashinin33
Spee and Pull For Your Quick LiftsCharles A Smith35

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