Muscle Power, Volume 1 Number 4

Table of Contents

EditorialEarle E Liederman3
Developing The PectoralsEarle E Liederman5
Lick Your Ill With WeightsS Jonathan Spector15
From Weakling To Health InstructorJoe Weider18
MuscledomGeorge R Weaver22
Don't Drain Yourself Of Power By OvereatingDr Frederick Tilney27
A Beginner's DreamJohn Patrick31
Muscle PicturesKenneth Deardorf32
The Folly Of Sexual SlaveryL E Eubanks37
Lo! The Poor Indian!Earle E Liederman42
Mr. New York City Contest44
Physical Handicaps OvercomeWilliam J McNulty48
Learn To Chin With One ArmE M Orlick53
Boxer Versus WrestlerDan Lurie56
Train Outdoors This SummerRoger Eells61
A Page From Your Editor's Life63
Muscular Marvels64
Sleep For The BodybuilderJoe Weider67
Strong Men On ParadeLeo Gaudreau73
Muscles Bursting With PowerEarle E Liederman76
A Complete Strength ActHarold Ansorge87
All In A Few Months93
Your Questions AnsweredDr Frederick Tilney99
How I Cured Myself Of ArthritisHereward Carrington103
Cure Drooping Shoulders114
Height And Barbell Training117

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