Muscle Power, Volume 3 Number 7

Table of Contents

EditorialEarle E Liederman3
Questions And Answers5
The Body Beautiful - Mr and Mrs Gene Jantzen7
Some Remarks On DietPhilip J Rasch8
Stronger Ligaments Mean Larger MusclesEarle E Liederman10
The Story of Aerial PerformersRobert J Devenney12
Hollywood KidsEarle E Liederman14
Developing A Mighty GripEd Zebrowski16
Let's Gossip18
The Exercise ChartMartin Franklin20
Handbalancing For Exercise and FunE M Orlick22
Stunts You EnjoyGeorge F Jowett23
Organic EfficiencyWalter Marcyan24
Steve Reeves "Mr. America 1947"Gene Jantzen26
Our Beginners Dept.28
Strong Men On Parade - John Grun MarxLeo Gaudreau29
It's Great To Be Vitally AliveDr Frederick Tilney30

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