Muscle Power, Volume 5 Number 6

Table of Contents

Mr. Montreal Winners Pictorial Display3
EditorialEarle E Liederman5
Fun With Your BarbellGeorge F Jowett7
Cry-BabiesEarle E Liederman8
Getting A Bigger ChestRuss Field10
Victory Over Stupendous OddsBen Weider12
Let's Gossip14
Cash For "Mr. America"Earle E Liederman16
Future GreatsEd Theriault18
The Mighty Batchelor - part 119
Are You Too Tired To Exercise?Dr Frederick Tilney20
Announcing Mr. Eastern North America22
Gain Weight ScientificallyGus N Lazarakis24
Wanted . . . A Muscle Bound LifterEarle E Liederman26
Handbalancing For Exercise and FunE M Orlick28
Our Boys' Department29
Be Sensible About SunbathingPaul J Riley30
Here Is A New Super Service To Serve You33

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