Muscle Power, Volume 7 Number 5

Table of Contents

EditorialEarle E Liederman3
The Effect of Barbell Exercise On The HeartA T Petro5
The Posing PlatformBarton R Horvath7
A Day In The Life of A Strongman8
Thick Muscular ArmsEarle E Liederman10
Jack Dellinger - Mr Western America for 1948Peary Rader12
How Much Weight Can You SupportGeorge F Jowett14
Questions And AnswersNorman Marks15
Developing The AbdomenClarence Ross16
Glamour In ActionEugene M Hanson18
Let's Gossip20
My Friend Arthur SaxonThomas Inch22
It Pays To Be StrongEric Pedersen24
Our Boy's DeptAlex B Aronis25
How Strongmen Can EatIan "Mac" Batchelor26
Future GreatsEd Theriault28
Handbalancing For Exercise and FunE M Orlick29
Muscle BeachGordon L'Allemand30

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