Muscle Power, Volume 12 Number 2

Table of Contents

EditorialEarle E Liederman3
Muscle Power Congratulates - Monty Wolford5
Future GreatsEd Theriault7
Young America9
Dramatic Abdominal FormClarence Ross10
Hypnotism: Can It Increase Your Power?Earle E Liederman12
Secrets Of StrengthCharles A Smith14
The New ApollonWilfred Diamond16
Watching Malcolm Brenner Train His Biceps18
Let's Gossip20
The Rules For The Two Hands Clean And JerkCharles A Smith22
The Lat SpreadArmand Tanny24
Encouragement For BeginnersEarle E Liederman28
Questions And AnswersNorman Marks30
Another Barbell MiracleEarle E Liederman31

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