Muscle Power, Volume 17 Number 8

Table of Contents

EditorialEarle E Liederman3
What The Champs Are Saying5
You Ask, We Answer7
I Was Born A WeaklingBertie Nicklette9
These Are My Favorite Exercises - Richard DuboisEarle E Liederman11
Let's GossipEarle E Liederman13
How I Developed My Prize Winning AbdominalsIrvin Koszewski17
Build That Big ChestClarence Ross19
Do You Want Bigger Legs23
Sensational Arm Gains You Can MakeCharles A Smith25
Get Rid Of Those Round ShouldersJack Delinger27
World Weight Lifting ReviewOscar State29
The Ten Best Lifters31
Body Power . . . The Key To Lifting SuccessDoug Hepburn33
Champioinship Technique In The Clean And JerkOscar State35

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