Muscle Power, Volume 20 Number 10

Table of Contents

EditorialEarle E Liederman3
What The Champs Are Saying5
You Ask, We Answer7
Chuck Pranke Gains 70 Pounds of MuscleEarle E Liederman9
Proper Breathing For Faster Muscle GainsGeorge F Jowett12
Let's GossipEarle E Liederman14
Build Giant-Sized Arms . . . Fast!Ray Schaefer16
Mental Barriers To Muscle Making19
When Gorner Broke The Grip MachineCharles Coster21
A Deep Chest And A Broad Back23
Old Time Lifters Were Supermen Too!Leo Gaudreau26
Vinci . . . The VictoriousCharles Coster31
What We Can Expect At TeheranCharles Coster32
The Questions You Ask About Weightlifting35
World Wide Weightlifting ReviewOscar State36

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