Muscle Training Illustrated, number 001

Table of Contents

Editorial - Scientific Muscle TrainingE M Orlick5
Muscle Gossip7
Feats Of Strength And DaringJack Holst8
Spectacular World's Fair Physique ContestA W Whalen10
Eddie Silvestre Becomes Movie StarRonald Orlick13
how To Build "The Best Developed Arms In America"Dan Lurie16
Are You Getting Enough Muscle Building Protein?Ronald James18
How Many Sets And Reps For Best ResultsLou Lomazzo20
The Truth About The Flushing PrincipleE M Orlick22
How To Build Terrific Thighs And CalvesEddie Silvestre26
Karate And Scientific Muscle TrainingSam Vasquez28
Scientific Exercise AnalysisE M Orlick31
For Bigger Muscles And More Strength Try Slow Motion TrainingDave Baillie32
Scientific Muscle Training Hints34
The Beginner's Corner - Selecting The Right EquipmentDan Lurie47
Your Fabulous BicepsTerry Douglas49
Mystery "Guess-Star"50
Weight Trained Athlete Of The Month - Bruno SammartinoRonald James57

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