Muscle Training Illustrated, number 002

Table of Contents

Editorial - Let's Put An End To Ridiculous ClaimsE M Orlick5
Muscle Gossip7
The Truth About The Cheating MethodE M Orlick9
Feats Of Strength And DaringJack Holst12
Soviet Strength Buidlgin SecretsDmitri Ivanov14
How I Built The Best Back In AmericaDan Lurie16
How To Build A He-Man ChestEddie Silvestre18
Scientific Exercise AnalysisE M Orlick21
Power Building Foods Of The ChampionsDr Frederick Tilney22
Your Terrific TricepsTerry Douglas25
Speed Training Builds More Strength And Bigger Muscles FasterDave Baillie26
Nick Perrotti - World's Most Muscular ManA W Whalen28
Behind The Bamboo CurtainEdward O'Relly30
Phenomenal Gripping StrengthGeorge F Jowett32
The Fabulous ContestEd Martin34
Scientific Muscle Training Hints36
Mystery Guess Star ContestAl Urban45
The Beginner's Corner - Take It Easy At FIrstDan Lurie47

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