Muscle Training Illustrated, number 003

Table of Contents

Editorial - Let's Give Credit Where Credit Is DueE M Orlick5
Muscle Gossip7
Beware - Heavy Lifts Can Ruin Your FeetJames E Gandy, Karl Klein9
Feats Of Strength and DaringJack Holst12
Isometric TrainingRonald Orlick15
How I Won "The Best Abdominals"Dan Lurie16
How I Built My 19 1/2" ArmsFreddy Ortiz18
Scientific Exercise Analysis - Stiffed Legged DeadliftE M Orlick21
Energy Producing FoodsRonald James22
Your Super TrapeziusTerry Douglas25
Terrific Results From Tonnage TrainingDave Baillie26
Chuck Finley Wins Fame Through WeightsRonald Orlick28
Muscle Man Bulking PlanE M Orlick30
Mr Haiti Packs On 65 Pounds Of MuscleSteve Juda32
Mr Israel Visits USADan Lurie33
Future Greats34
Training Hints36
Muscle Building Nut LoafDr Frederick Tilney39
Photo News41
Mystery Guess Star45
Tommy AybarA W Whalen58
Letters To The Editor66

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