Muscle Training Illustrated, number 005

Table of Contents

Editorial - Tough Minds Produce Tough BodiesE M Orlick5
Muscle Gossip7
Beware Of Becoming Muscle BoundDave Baillie8
Feats Of Strength And DaringJack Holst12
Build Terrific Strength With Weights You WearRaymond Schuessler14
How To Pose To Win ContestsDr Frederick Tilney16
You Can Build A Stupendous BackFreddy Ortiz18
Scientific Exercise AnalysisE M Orlick21
Vital Foods For The BodybuilderVic Boff22
Your Pectoralis Major MuscleTerry Douglas25
Karate Made EasyAgustin DeMello26
Power Packed Daredevil GymnastTerry Orlick28
World Champion Weightlifters In ActionCharles Coster29
Photo News33
Special Exercises For Stubborn CalvesEddie Silvestre34
Mystery Guest Star45
Acrobatic SensationsDan Lurie49
Muscle Factory ExtraordinarySteve Juda58
The Sensational SamohtRonald James60
Letters To The Editor66

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