Muscle Training Illustrated, number 008

Table of Contents

Editorial - Reaching For The MoonE M Orlick5
Muscle Gossip7
TV Star, Hank Garret, Trains With WeightsSteve Juda9
Feats Of Strength And DaringJack Holst12
The Fabulous 1967 Mr America ContestFrank Ryan14
Gain Healthy Muscular Weight FastDr Frederick Tilney16
How To Build Super ShouldersFreddy Ortiz18
Scientific Exercise AnalysisE M Orlick21
Keep Your Feet Healthy And HappyVic Boff22
Your Impressive Deltoid MusclesTerry Douglas25
Should The Olympic Press Be Abolished?Charles Coster26
More Energy For Tougher WorkoutsCarlson Wade29
An Open Challenge To Joe WeiderDan Lurie32
The Great Bill PearlRonald Orlick33
Muscle Man Of The Month - Leo Robert34
Barbells And BooksCarl H Giles36
Rico QuintaineFrank Ryan41
Mystery Guess Star45
1967 Mr Americas Entry Blank52
Muscle Man Improvement ContestEdward O'Relly58
The Amazing Masutatsu OyamaDonn Draeger60
Muslce Man Photo ContestSteve Juda63
E For EffortRonald James64
Pacific Coast PatterDennis Busch66
Muscles In ColorFrank Ryan67

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