Muscle Training Illustrated, number 009

Table of Contents

Editorial - Your Help WantedDan Lurie5
Muscle Gossip7
Favorite ExercisesSteve Juda9
Holow Back Bress Up HandstandJack Holst12
Protein Builds More Than MusclesCarlson Wade14
How To PoseFreddy Ortiz18
An Open Challenge To Joe WeiderDan Lurie21
World Weightlifting Championship ReportCharles Coster22
The Magnificent Steve ReevesEarle Liederman26
Viking Bodybuilders In IcelandBjarni Sveinsson30
Oldtime StrongmenE M Orlick33
Muscle Man Of The Month - Ray Routledge34
Super Sets And Super StrengthDave Baillie36
John Farbotnik - Before And AfterFrank Ryan41
Mystery Guess Star45
The 1967 Mr Americas PageantRonald James49
Entry Blank For The Great Contest52
World's Fair Physique ContestEd Martin54
Photo NewsEdward O'Relly58
The Revolutionary Copy Cat SystemRichard Rose60
The Spectacular Bill PearlTerry Douglas64
The Man On The LeftE M Orlic66

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