Muscle Training Illustrated, number 010

Table of Contents

Editorial - Physical FitnessVic Boff5
Muscle Gossip7
How To Build A Super ChestBill Pearl9
How To Tear A Telephone Book In HalfE M Orlick12
Physical FolliesEarle Liederman14
How To Build A Terrific BackEddie Silvestre16
Scientific Exercise AnalysisE M Orlick21
Dave Draper - The Blond BomberRonald Orlick22
Muscle Building MineralsCarlson Wade24
The Big 1967 Mr Americas ContestDan Lurie26
Bill Pearl - Muscle Man Of The Month34
Rock Stonewall - Photo StorySteve Juda36
Your Serratus MagnusTerry Douglas41
Mystery Guess Star45
Has Larry Scott Retired?Edward O'Relly49
Eddie Guiliani - How He TrainsDan Lurie58
Art Lynnworth - Super StrongmanTerry Orlick64
Letters To The Editor66

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