Muscle Training Illustrated, number 011

Table of Contents

Editorial - Weight Training Is Finally RecognizedE M Orlick5
Muscle Gossip7
Remember The Man On The Left?Edward O'Relly9
Dennis Gauthier, Mr Canada, Wins Photo ContestDan Lurie10
Bill Pearl Displays Superhuman Lung PowerSteve Juda12
Antagonistic Muscle TrainingDave Baillie14
Lucky Kargo - Movie Stuntman Trains With WeightsRonald Orlick16
What You Must Know About VitaminsCarlson Wade21
The Spectacular Mr Americas 1967 Physique ContestDan Lurie26
Dave Draper - Muscle Man Of The Month34
Entire Pro Football Team Trains With WeightsNat Huber36
Mr Lower California ContestRonald Orlick41
Mystery Guess Star45
Scientific Exercise AnalysisE M Orlick49
Where Are They Now? Mike TorresRick Wells51
First WBBG Power Lifting ContestTerry Douglas52
Photo NewsEdward O'Relly54
Try Rebound Tumbling For Increased StrengthRaymond Schuessler58
Tony Badal Gains 30 Pounds In 3 MonthsDan Lurie62
Pacific Coast PatterDennis Busch64
Siegmund Klein Speaks OutSiegmund Klein66

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