Muscle Training Illustrated, number 012

Table of Contents

Editorial - Let Science Speed Up Your Training ResultsE M Orlick5
Muslce Gossip7
Another "Zabo" - Impossible But True!Steve Juda9
Medicine And Sport In The USSR14
John Crilly Asthmatic Victim Buidls 19" ArmsDan Lurie16
Giagantic Men Of The Past And PresentEarle Liederman20
Pacific Coast PatterDennis Busch23
1967 AAU National Weightlifting ChampionshipsJohnny Tremble24
Your Amazing BodyCarlson Wade26
Senior National Weightlifting Results29
WBBG 1967 Mr Florida ContestDr Frederick Tilney30
Dennis Tinerino - Muslce Man Of THe Month34
Your Vitally Important Neck MusclesTerry Orlick41
Mystery Guest Star45
A Monster In The Making - Arthur RussellSteve Juda47
Results Of The 1967 Mr America Physique Contest52
Dennis Tinerino Wins AAU Mr America TitleJeano Shiverino58
How To Fight Your Way To The TopLenny Russell60
Last Month's Mystery Star - Doug Strohl63

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