Muscle Training Illustrated, number 013

Table of Contents

Editorial - Long Live The Muscle ManDan Lurie5
Muscle Gossip7
Death Defying StuntsRick Wells9
How To Build Big ArmsBill Pearl10
Robert Nailon Of AustraliaRobert Nailon14
Who Has The Best AbdominalsEarle Liederman16
Stretch Your Way To More StrengthDave Baillie20
The Inquiring PhotographerSteve Juda23
Weight Training Made Dick BoothDave Gallemore24
Carbohydrates Give You EnergyCarlson Wade26
Michael Galea - Muscle Man Of The Month34
Your Might Forearm MusclesTerry Orlick41
Myster Guess Star45
Use Your Time Wisely For Best ResultsVic Boff47
Photo News54
How To Become A Male Artist's ModelOtto Wolfgang58
Pro Wrestler Thanks Dan LurieRonald Orlick64

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