Muscle Training Illustrated, number 014

Table of Contents

Editorial - Where Will You Be In The Year 2000?E M Orlic5
Bodybuilders Of The World UniteDan Lurie7
Elliot Gilchrist - Mr CutsSteve Juda10
Dont' Be Afraid Of FatsCarlson Wade16
To CHeat Or Not To CheatDave Baillie20
British Bodybuilder Outdoes Bill PearlEdward O'Relly23
Marine Corps Instructor Praises Our MagazineDan Lurie26
The Biggest Event Of The CenturyDan Lurie28
New Trends In Physique PosingEarle Liederman29
Fabulous Freddy Ortiz - Muscle Man Of THe Month34
Testimony To The Great Sig KleinE M Orlick36
Pacific Coast PatterDennis Busch41
Mystery Guess Star45
1968 AAU Florida Lifting And Physique ContestDonne Hale54
Empire State Weightlifting TournamentEd Jubinville58
Last Month's Mystery Guess Star - Vince Gironda63

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