Muscle Training Illustrated, number 015

Table of Contents

Editorial - Let's Forget Petty DifferencesDan Lurie5
Muscle Gossip7
Sergio Oliva - New Author For Our MagazineDan Lurie9
Peter Lupus - Giant Star Of Mission ImpossibleJohnny Q Tee10
Bulking Plan Builds Muscles FastDave Baillie18
Soviet Acrobatic ChampionshipsEdward O'Relly22
Wonder Foods For Super Health and StrengthCarlson Wade24
Scientific Exercise AnalysisE M Orlick28
The Mighty Atlas - World's Strongest WrestlerEarle Liederman29
Siegmund Klein - Muscle Man Of The Month34
Run For Your LifeTerry Orlick36
Pre-Olympic Weightlifting Meet In MexicoLewis M Hopfe41
Myster Guess Star45
Koszewski Wins "World's Best Abdominals"Eddie Silvestre47
Pacific Coast PatterDennis Busch54
The Fabulous Sig Klein TestimonialE M Orlick58
Terry Moore - Photo Contest Winner64
Why You should Join The WBBG66

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