Muscle Training Illustrated, number 016

Table of Contents

Editorial - Welcome To The New Muscle Training IllustratedDan Lurie5
By The Way7
Tune In To Muscledom EuropeRick Wayne8
Flash! 1968 Mr Britain Contest Results9
Barbells And Biceps10
Muscle Happenings12
Sock It To Me, Baby!14
The Great 1968 WBBG Pro Mr America Contest!16
MTI Mystery Guess-Star29
The Battle Of The Century! Harold Poole Versus Freddy Ortiz30
Bodybuilder Of The Month - Brian Eastman34
Sensational Sergio Oliva Brings The House Down36
Contest Quips And Coverage40
WBBG Musclemen "Muscle In" On Alan Burke SHowCarl Richford44
Weight and Power Lifting Section51
Results Of The YMCA National Champoinships52
The Beginners Page - Calf Raise56
How To Gain WeightCarl Richford58

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