Muscle Training Illustrated, number 019

Table of Contents

By The Way7
Tune In To Muscledom Europe8
Barbells and Biceps - Los Angeles10
Muscle Happenings - New York City12
Harold Poole - Super Body - Super Swinger14
Is This The Jack Who Will Prune Sergio Oliva's Beanstalk? Arnold SchwarzeneggerRick Wayne16
Myster Guess Star20
Sergio Oliva - World's Greatest!Barry Christie, Carl Richford, Jon Twichell26
How To Build Your BicepsSergio Oliva28
Jim Haislop Wins AAU Mr America, Boyer Coe Second and Most MuscularCarl Richford32
Bodybuilder Of The Month - Don Howorth34
Gallery Of West Coast GreatsGene Mozee36
Weight And Power Lifting Section45
Bednarski And York Dominate Senior NationalsCarl Richford46
Weight Lifting Roundup50
Power Lifting News51
Exercise Equipment Corner - Multi-Power Bench54
The Beginner's Page - Press Behind Neck56
Protein Facts And FanciesCarl Richford58
Kung-Fu - The Master Self Defense SystemBarry L Sheer60
Editorial - A Sacred TrustDan Lurie5
Gossip Here And TheirJohn Balik, George Larsen, Robert Kennedy7
Who Are The World's Greatest Bodybuilders?Dan Lurie10
The Art Of Physique Posing - part 1George Larsen14
A Muscle Weekend18
The Driving Force In Building MusclesSergio Oliva20
Roman Austin - Determined To Succeed26
The Beginner's Page - The Basic TenBradley J Steiner30
Bodybuilder Of The Month - Dennis Tinerino34
A New Bodybuilding Concept - WBBG Clinic Meetings36
Hacks - The "No-Squat" SquatWarren Frederick45
Complete Olympic Weightlifting Results46
Phase Training For StrengthChuck Sipes50
Powerlifting Results53
The 1969 Mr International Contest54
An Oldtime Strongman - Now57
Warm-Up To Bigger MusclesEd Giuliani58
The Fat Man61
Myster Guess Star63
Meet Johnny H - The Rock N Rollin Cop65
Join The WBBG!66

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