Strength and Health, September 1934

Table of Contents

EditorialBob Hoffman3
Practice These Feats of StrengthGeorge F Jowett4
Perfect Digestion and a Strong Heart - Relative to StrengthEarle E Liederman6
Gym GymsRay Van Cleef9
The Art of DisplayAlan Calvert10
Rambling Thoughts on TrainingSiegmund Klein12
Dick Falcon - The Latest Addition to the Ranks of Perfect MenHarry B Paschall14
Something New in Bar-Bell trainingHarry Good16
Why You Are Tired and Lack WillpowerDr Frederick Tilney18
Fishing in the Chesapeake BayBob Hoffman20
Ask Strength and HealthBob Hoffman21
Sunbathe for Health and StrengthGerard Nisivoccia22
Weight Lifting NewsBob Hoffman23
American Strength & Health League28

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