Strength and Health, October 1934

Table of Contents

EditorialBob Hoffman3
Practice These Feats of StrengthGeorge F Jowett4
Perfect Digestion and a Strong Heart - Relative to Strength - part 2Earle E Liederman6
He Gazed Into The Jaws of DeathBob Hoffman8
The Art of DisplayAlan Calvert10
If You Want Shapely MusclesHarry B Paschall12
Stretching For HealthHarry Good14
Are Measurements of Value?Ray Van Cleef16
Why Exercise?Dr Frederick Tilney18
How Can I Gain Weight?Roger Eells20
Ask Strength & HealthDr Frederick Tilney22
Weight Lifting NewsBob Hoffman23
Continental NewsRay Van Cleef24
Photo Contest Winner - Earle Sands25
Every Reader Should Join American S & H League28

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