Strength and Health, November 1934

Table of Contents

Editorial - ThanksgivingBob Hoffman5
Does Age Affect Exercise?George F Jowett6
Stop These RacketeersDr Frederick Tilney8
Building Nervous EnergyEarle E Liederman9
How to Live LongBob Hoffman10
A Study in Strength & DevelopmentSiegmund Klein12
Modern Mighty MenErnest S Hackwood14
Sparkling Gym GemsRay Van Cleef15
Developing the Upper BodyRoger Eells16
Candy - The Children's Greatest CurseGeorge G Porter18
Men Prefer Plain FoodRosetta Hoffman19
Especially for Strength & Health BoysBob Hoffman20
Ask Strength & HealthBob Hoffman21
Your Questions AnsweredDr Frederick Tilney22
S & H League Notes23
ACWLA Lifting GossipBob Hoffman24
Lifting Shows & Events24
Personal Problem PageDr Frederick Tilney25
Beauty Building For Women26
Health HintsDr Frederick Tilney26

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