Strength and Health, December 1934

Table of Contents

The Spirit of Christmas5
A Xmas Present for Joe Nordquest7
Anniversary - Christmas EditorialBob Hoffman9
Shapeliness versus BlukBob Hoffman10
The Greatest Gift Of AllDr Frederick Tilney12
Buildign Vital ForceEarle E Liederman13
More About Perfect MenHarry B Paschall14
Eating For Health and EfficiencyDr Frederick Tilney16
Banishing Coughs, Colds and CatarrhGeorge G Porter17
The Advantages of ExerciseLeo Gaudreau18
Especially for S. & H. BoysBob Hoffman20
Ask Strength and Health21
Strength and Health League Notes22
Sparkling Gym GemsRay Van Cleef23
Anthony Terlazzo, one of America's GreatestHarry Good24
An Introduction to Siegmund KleinWalter Greenfield26
Beauty Building for WomenRosetta Hoffman28
Health HintsDr Frederick Tilney28
Personal Problem PageDr Frederick Tilney29
A.C.W.L.A. Lifting News30
Report of Shows and Events30
Your Questions Answered32
Readers Page50

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