Strength and Health, January 1935

Table of Contents

Start the New Year RightBob Hoffman9
The Three Essentials of HealthBob Hoffman10
The Secrets of Happiness12
Health Helps DependabilityT O Morrow13
Put Iron in Your BloodDr Frederick Tilney14
Balancing Tricks for BeginnersProf P H Paulinetti16
Physical Culture a Life TIme HobbyGerard Nisivoccia17
Tales of Great Old TimersWilfred Diamond18
Especially for Strength &h Health BoysBob Hoffman20
Ask Strength & Health21
The Advantages of ExerciseLeo Gaudreau22
Interesting Gym GemsRay Van Cleef24
Developing the CalvesSiegmund Klein25
Building Vital Force ContinuedEarle E Liederman26
Beauty Building for WomenRosetta Hoffman28
Health HintsDr Frederick Tilney28
Three Splendid ExercisesHarry Good29
Strength & Health League Notes30
Report of Lifting Shows and EventsBob Hoffman31
Weight Lifting News32
Readers Page48

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