Strength and Health, February 1935

Table of Contents

Your Questions Answered5
Introducing 200 New Leaguers6
Heath HintsDr Frederick Tilney7
Strength & Health Marches onBob Hoffman9
How to Develop a Big Powerful ChestDr Frederick Tilney10
Correct Those Little Postural DefectsDr Walter C LaBerge12
The Importance of Breath ControlDr Ernest J Stevens13
Facts About Digestions and ConstipationBob Hoffman14
The Advantages of ExerciseLeo Gaudreau16
Facts To Disprove Time Worn OpinionHarry Good17
Especially for Strength & Health's BoysBob Hoffman18
Ask Strength & HealthDr Frederick Tilney19
The All American Weight Lifting Team20
Herman Gorner, Monarch of StrengthTromp Van Diggelen22
Facts of Ray Van Cleef's Athletic CareerWalter Greenfield24
A Page of Special Exercises and Odds and EndsSiegmund Klein25
Building Vital Force and Reserve EnergyEarle E Liederman26
Beauty Building For Women28
A Thrilling Story of the European Championships29
Strength & Health League Notes30
Report of Lifitng Shows and EventsBob Hoffman31
Weight Lifting News32

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