Strength and Health, March 1935

Table of Contents

Health HintsDr Frederick Tilney7
A Page of New Jersey Bar Bell Men9
The Function of All The MusclesDr Frederick Tilney10
Obey Nature's LawsDr Walter C LaBerge12
Wrestling. Its History, Science and BenefitsBilly Sandow13
Our Strong Man Detective Goes to WarWalter Greenfield14
Sparkling Gym GemsRay Van Cleef16
Be A New Man This SummerHarry Good17
Especially For Strength & Health BoysBob Hoffman18
Ask Strength & Health19
Nerve an Essential of SuccessBob Hoffman20
Exercise for Developing the GripFred Pastel22
The Seven Laws of Self MasteryDr Frederick Tilney23
Bill Good. America's Strongest ManRoger Eells24
The Brothers RitterSiegmund Klein26
Beauty Building For WomenRosetta Hoffman28
The Truth About Thinning Hair and Baldness29
Strength & Health League Notes30
Report of Lifting Shows and Events31
Weight Lifting News32

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