Strength and Health, April 1935

Table of Contents

Health HintsDr Frederick Tilney7
A Page of Bar Bell Men9
Exercises to Develop all the MusclesBob Hoffman10
Little Known Facts Concerning the HeartDr Walter C LaBerge12
The Eyes, Their Care and How to Strengthen ThemAlan Carse13
Do They Call You Fatty?Arthur F Gay14
Improve Your AgilityHarry Good16
Health CranksLurten Cunningham17
Especially for Strength & Health BoysBob Hoffman18
Ask Strength & HealthDr Frederick Tilney19
Eating For Health and EffciencyDr Frederick Tilney19
All That I am, I Owe to Bar Bell TrainingJoe Raymond20
Sandow Wins His First Laurels in LondonSiegmund Klein22
Gym GemsRay Van Cleef23
Self DefenseBilly Sandow24
I Was Given Three Months to LiveRoger Eells26
Beauty Building for WomenRosetta Hoffman28
Secrets of Success29
Vital Points on Health and StrengthAntone Matysek29
Strength & Health League Notes30
Weight Lifting News31
Report of Lifting Shows and Events32

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