Strength and Health, May 1935

Table of Contents

A Table of Exercises to Develop all the Muscles57
Secrets of Physical RejuvenationDr Frederick Tilney58
The World Famous 300 Pound ClubCharles L Collins60
Mens Sana In Corpore SanoHarold V Poppe61
The Relation of Mind to BodyBob Hoffman62
Vertical Rope ExercisesHarry Good64
Care of the Teeth and Mouth HygieneDr D A Downing65
The Old Athlete Tells a SecretAlan Carse66
Martin Higgins, Extraordianary Hand BalancerRoger Eells68
An Athlete of StrengthSiegmund Klein69
Beauty Building for WomenRosetta Hoffman70
Gym GemsRay Van Cleef71
Readers Page71
Especially For Strength & Health BoysBob Hoffman72
Ask Strength & HealthDr Frederick Tilney73
Health HingDr Frederick Tilney73
Building StrengthEarle E Liederman74
Strength & Health League Notes76
Report of Lifting Shows and Events77

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