Strength and Health, June 1935

Table of Contents

Bar Bell Men from Widely Scattered Places57
Super Health Through Summer TrainingBob Hoffman58
Relieving Pain By Strengthening the FeetHarry Good60
Walker Wins Great International ContestJoe Mar61
Stop Eating Suicide MealsDr Frederick Tilney62
Secrets of Physical RejuvenationDr Frederick Tilney64
Developing Personality Through Physical TrainingJames Fox65
Dick Zimmerman, the Newest Perfect ManAlan Carse66
Balancing Tricks for BeginnersProf P H Paulinetti68
Sandow Defeats Samson in LondonSiegmund Klein69
Beauty Building for WomenRosetta Hoffman70
Gym Gems71
Health Hints71
Sense and Nonsense71
Especially for Strength & Health's BoysBob Hoffman72
Ask Strength and Health73
Building StrengthEarle E Liederman74
Strength & Health League Notes76
Weight Lifting News77
Report of Lifting Shows and Events80

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