Strength and Health, July 1935

Table of Contents

Editorial - Obtaining the Greatest Benefit from S. & H.Bob Hoffman57
New Secrets For Conquering ConstipationDr Frederick Tilney58
Live Right and Forget Your SymptomsDr D A Downing60
Some Suggestions for Acquiring Mental MagnetismDr Frederick Tilney61
How to Look Well and Feel WellBob Hoffman62
One Dozen Simple Tumbling FeatsHarry Good64
Strength Magazine as I Knew ItSiegmund Klein65
How a Famous Movie Star Keeps FitRoger Eells66
The Strongest Man Who Ever Lived - Louis CyrCharles L Collins68
Ed Zebrowski A Young Man Who Made GoodAlan Carse69
Beauty Building For WomenRosetta Hoffman70
Gym Gems71
Health HintsDr Frederick Tilney71
Summer ExerciseSiegmund Klein71
Especially For Strength & Health's BoysBob Hoffman72
Ask Strength & Health73
Building StrengthEarle E Liederman74
Strength & Health League Notes76
The Senior National A.A.U. Lifting Championships77
Report of Lifting Shows and Events80

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