Strength and Health, August 1935

Table of Contents

Gym Gems57
Health HintsDr Frederick Tilney57
Vitalize Your Mind and BodyDr Frederick Tilney58
Sun Bathing and the Benefits DerivedFred Ritter60
Improve Your Ciculation Through ExerciseDr D A Downing61
Sincerity Necessary for SuccessBob Hoffman62
Strength of Mind Can Be Built Through Mental ExerciseAlan Carse64
The Unusual Physical Ability of Negro AthletesHarry Good65
Especially For Strength & Health BoysBob Hoffman66
The Strongest Man Who Ever Lived - Louis CyrCharles L Collins68
Wise Words Concerning Bar Bell TrainingSiegmund Klein69
Beauty Building For WomenRosetta Hoffman70
The MatBob Hoffman71
An American Apollo - Charles LskeyJohn M Hernic72
Ask Strength and HealthDr Frederick Tilney73
Facts in Progressive TrainingGeorge F Jowett74
Strength and Health League Notes76
Report of Lifting Shows and Events77
Weight Lifting News78

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