Strength and Health, September 1935

Table of Contents

Health HintsDr Frederick Tilney57
Rules of LivingSiegmund Klein57
How to Overcome Skin TroublesDr Frederick Tilney58
Why are Medical Doctors Seldom Healthy?Dr D A Downing60
The Importance Of Breath ControlDr Ernest J Stevens61
More About Bar Bell TrainingBob Hoffman62
Thought, The Great Master PowerDr Frederick Tilney64
Wally Zagurski Lifted 260 Pounds with One ArmAlan Carse65
Clevio Masimo The Most Muscular Man in AmericaHarry Good66
The Strongest Man Who Ever LivedGeorge F Jowett68
Gym Gems Tales of The StrongestRay Van Cleef69
Beauty Building For WomenRosetta Hoffman70
The MatBob Hoffman71
Espeically for Strength and Health's BoysBob Hoffman72
Ask Strength and HealthDr Frederick Tilney73
Try These ExercisesGeorge F Jowett74
Strength and Health League Notes76
Weight Lifting News77
Report of Lifting Shows and Events78

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