Strength and Health, October 1935

Table of Contents

Health HintsDr Frederick Tilney6
Why We Need ExerciseSiegmund Klein6
Editorial - Plan to Build Yourself Into A New ManBob Hoffman7
A System to Overcome Your NervousnessDr Frederick Tilney8
Practial Hints of Beauty Building for WomenRosetta Hoffman10
Black Douglas, Strong Man of ScotlandCharles L Collins11
How to Develop Powerful Upper ArmsBob Hoffman12
Louis Cyr, The Strongest Man Who Ever LivedGeorge F Jowett14
Cigarettes, Do They Give You A Lift16
Johnny Terpak, The Newest Lifting SensationAlan Carse18
Gym Gems - Tales of the MightyRay Van Cleef19
Simple Tumbling Feats to Improve Your AgilityHarry Good20
Espeically for Strength and Health's BoysBob Hoffman22
Ask Strength and HealthDr Frederick Tilney23
Take Iron Pills for What Ails You as George Blymire DidRobert L Jones24
The MatBob Hoffman25
Health and Strength, Does it Come From Heredity or Mode of Living?Dr D A Downing26
Strength and Health League Notes28
Weight Lifting News29
Report of Lifting Shows and Events30

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